Switching from Vintools to Digimatic

A lot of wineries are finding the extra features, reliability, stability, and support of the Digimatic app to be good reason to switch over from Vintools.  It's super simple to switch and only takes a couple of minutes.

The Vintools integration may continue to sync data or have permissions to customer information you might not want them to have even after cancelling.  The data syncing can sometimes conflict with your new Digimatic data sync, so it's important we completely remove Vintools before proceeding.

1. Cancel your subscription with Vintools.  Honestly, we're not exactly sure what they do when you cancel, but at the very least you should be able to stop the billing and we can remove the app manually with the following steps.

2. In the lower left corner, click the icon to bring up the menu and select Account.

3. From the Extras menu, click API keys.

4. In the Your API keys section at the very top, if you see an API key with "Vintools" in the name anywhere, click the status toggle to disable it.  You can delete it if you're 100% sure it's the Vintools key, but if it's unlabeled or you're otherwise not sure, it's safest to just disable it for now.  Your API key will be different from the (fake) one in the screenshot below.  If there isn't one here, that's okay.  They may have already removed it for you.

5. Scroll down to the very bottom to find the Authorized applications section.  If you see Vintools listed here, click on the X to remove the authorized application.  If you don't see Vintools here, that's okay.  They may have already removed it for you.

6. Now we'll jump over to your audience/list settings.  Click on the Audience icon on the left, then Manage Audience on the far right, then click Settings.

7. With the current audience set to the one you were syncing with Vintools, click on Settings and then Webhooks.

8. In the list of Configured webhooks, if you see any that contain "vintools" in the URL, click Edit next to it, scroll down to the bottom, then click Delete.  Be very careful here to not delete any webhooks that have "digimatic" in them if you've already installed our integration.

9. Grab a snack and top off your wine.  We're done with Mailchimp, but we have a couple more things we need to do over in your Commerce7 admin panel, so jump over there next.

10. Click on Settings from the main menu on the left and then click Accounts.  Search the list of accounts for anything containing "vintools" and remove them.

11. Click on Developer from the main menu on the left and then click on Web Hooks below it.  Search for any web hooks containing "vintools" in the URL, click on them, then under More Actions, click Delete.

12. That's it!  Vintools is completely removed and no longer has access to your data.  Hop over to the installation instructions for the next steps.

Note: Vintools uses groups to denote club memberships, but there is a limit to the number of groups you can have and this method sometimes breaks if you hit that limit.  So instead, Digimatic uses tags to denote club membership as there is no tag limit.  If you have segments with conditions around club group, you will need to update them to instead use the corresponding club tag.  You may want to also delete the club group to prevent confusion in the future.

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