Installing the Mailchimp Integration

Good news.  It's way easier than you might think and only takes about 1-2 minutes.

First, you'll need your Mailchimp API Key.  If you're not sure how to get that, there are instructions here.

1. Click the Apps & Extensions option from the main menu on the left side.  Scroll through the apps until you find Mailchimp by Digimatic, then click on that app.

2. Read through the information about the app, then at the very bottom, paste in your API key from earlier and click Install.  Your API key will be different than the (fake) one in the screenshot below, but should look similar and end with "-us" and a number.

3. The very last step now is to activate the integration.  In the main menu on the left, click Marketing, then under that click Mailchimp.  Select which audience/list in Mailchimp you'd like to sync to and then click Activate.  If you previously were syncing to a list with a different ecommerce platform or integration, you probably want to sync to that same list.  The integration will update existing customers and add new ones, but it won't touch or delete customers that aren't in Commerce7, so it's fine to have Commerce7 and non-Commerce7 emails in the same list.

That's it.  Your product data, customers, and historical order data will start to backfill and the real-time sync will begin right away.

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