Abandoned Club Signup Automations

When a customer begins the club signup process on your website, we'll send a custom event to Mailchimp that can be used to trigger automations.  The idea is very similar to an "abandoned cart" flow, except that club signups don't generate carts, so we have to set it up separately.

Note: This feature is currently only available for the Mailchimp Standard plan and above.  If you're on the free or Essentials plan, this feature will not work.

1. Click the Automations Icon in the main menu.

2. Click the Create Journey button in the top right corner

3. Give your new automation a name and select the audience you'd like to use, then click the Start Building button.

4. Click the Choose A Starting Point button.

5. Select API & Integrations from the left side, then click Event API to continue.

6. In the Event name field, enter started_club_signup.  It may or may not appear in the dropdown list.  It's okay if it's not there to just type it in.  Click the Save Starting Point button to continue.

7. From here, you'll set up your automation in a way that makes sense for your business.  Below is an example of a simple flow that waits one hour, then if they are tagged "Club Member", we exit the flow because they likely signed up.  If they're not, we'll send them an email encouraging them to finish signing up.  Remember that the event is triggered when they start a signup, not when they abandon it.  We have to make a manual check in our flow to determine whether or not they've abandoned the signup by checking the "Club Member" tag at some point.

Note: We are passing event data like the club name, URL, image, etc. with the intent of making them available to your email template, however Mailchimp has acknowledged they are not currently passing the data along to the template at the moment.  They've agreed that they should and it's "on the dev calendar".  We'll update this article if the situation changes.  In the meantime, your email will have to be a little bit generic and probably link back to your "club" page.

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