Setting Up an Abandoned Cart Flow

The Digimatic integration will sync everything in the "server-side" section of Klaviyo's integration guide.  However, we received a lot of feedback that setting up client side events in Klaviyo is difficult or some users don't have the tech resources to do it.  So we came up with a server-side workaround for abandoned carts, but it's a bit tricky to set up.  If you have implemented this client-side with Javascript, just let us know and we'll disable the server-side workaround for your tenant.

Basically, we're sending a "Started Checkout" event any time the cart is updated.  With the right filters, you can trigger a flow off of this event and have a functional abandoned cart flow.  Below is a screenshot of a recommended set of trigger and flow filters for a successful flow.  If you find that your flow is triggering multiple times or with empty carts, etc., compare your filters with this screenshot and make sure they're aligned.

In addition to these filters, if you want to make sure customers don't receive multiple abandoned cart emails too closely together, you may want to consider an additional flow filter for "What a person has done (or not done)" where person has "Received Email", then set a filter for flow equals your abandoned cart flow and then set the timing to "zero times" in the last 1 days. If you want more than 24 hours between potential abandoned cart emails, consider changing that to more days.

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